Rental Rates for E-Bikes

The vehicles are available in different defined fixed time slots to offer you the best price. In case this time slots don't meet your needs, there is also the Select Tarif, it's slitely more expensive for short term rentals but you can select any start time and duration according to your plans.

Booking of a 2nd bike receives a 50% discount in case of bookings of several days!


Prices in € for E-Bikes with powerful motor (250W):




Details and special discounted prices of the fixed time slots:

Description of time slot Start End Cost
Early Bird Tour - Four hours for an early start 06:00 10:00 6 €
Half-day Blocks - Four hours before or after noon





8 €


Evening Block - Six hours in the evening 19:00 01:00 8 €
Day Block - Ten hours to explore and to enjoy the region 09:00 19:00 16 €


Select Tarif

hourly: 1h for 5€, 2h for 7€, 4h for 10 €

daily: 1 day 20€, 2 days 16€/day


long term rentals

daily from 2 to 20 days, i.e. two e-bikes for 20 days each e-bike for 11,25€ per day

weekly from 3 to 7 weeks, i.e. two e-bikes for 7 weeks each e-bike for 10,50€ per day


Check the offerings and prices for your needs on the booking portal:

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