Best Practice

For your own safety and to maximise the benefit and fun of using our e-bikes please follow this advise:

  • The e-bikes are secured by an alarming and tracking system – do not move the e-bike outside the time of your booking period. In case you realise the e-bike is missing inform us immediately. The sooner we can track the e-bike the higher the chance to get it back.

  • Drive on the left side of the road, use cycle paths wherever possible.

  • Use the e-bikes only on paved routes and streets. Do not ride the bikes on the beach, stay away from the sand and salt water!

  • Do not use the e-bike whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

  • Don't drive on one wheel (no “wheelies”), don't break the back wheel to much so the wheel is blocking (no “sliding” or “drifting”), don't drive in the pedestrian area of Pissouri around the village square, don't go with more than one person on the bike, never sit on the baggage rack.

  • Protect yourself from the sun and always use a helmet. Avoid driving more than 50 km/h.

  • Switch gears carefully, try to anticipate the terrain, and shift right before you start climbing, don't switch gears with pressure on the pedals.

  • On flat roads, it’s okay to shift through several gears at a time. If you do shift on a hill, shift one gear at a time, and try to momentarily release pressure from the pedals as you’re shifting.

  • Read the user guide below.

  • Report problems and suggest improvements on User Guide


You get access to the booking via – the booking engine is hosted at

Booking is done in fife simple steps and can be done spontaneously:

  1. Select the pick-up location

  2. Select the vehicle

  3. Choose the time slot

  4. Pay online with credit card or PayPal

  5. You will receive the booking confirmation and terms and conditions of the rental agreement by email.

Book Now and Start Riding!

Pick Up

Shortly before your booking time slot you will receive the number code for the bicycle lock by SMS. With the code you will go to the selected location, unlock the bicycle and pick it up.

Attention: The e-bikes are equipped with an alarming and tracking system - therefore you must not move the e-bike before the beginning of your booking time slot!


You will return the e-bike before the end of your time slot back to the selected start location and secure it with the bicycle lock. We will take care to change the code.

Attention: The e-bikes are equiped with an alarming and tracking system - therefore you have to return it in time before the end of your time slot and you must not move the e-bike after your booking time slot has ended!

First Ride

Activating the motor control

Before you start the motor,  adjust the saddle according to your needs and move yourself to a secure position on the e-bike. 

Press the switch on button for about 3 seconds until the display in the middle of the steering bar is switched on. 


After a few seconds the display will show the capacity of the battery (1), the support level (2) and the speedometer (3).

Start riding

Start riding, when you begin to pedal the support of the electrical engine will give you a light push.

Make yourself comfortable with the electrical support by pedalling differently powerful. If you stopp pedalling the electrical engine also stopps working. If you start pedalling again the support will start again. Try how to move the pedal with a minimum of power and leave the propulsion to the engine.

Step by step you can switch to a higher gear:



Attention: The e-bikes have no food break! Breaks are activated with both hands. 

Before stopping change to a lower gear:

Use the lock to secure the e-bike anytime you are not directly near.

Switch of the e-bike by pressing the switch on button for about 3 seconds. In case you forget to switch off the controller will switch off automatically after some minutes.

Improve benefits and fun

Riding in the flat area

After you familiarized yourself with the motor support you can adjust the support to your needs. The e-bikes have fife supporting levels, after switching on always the lowest support level is preselected.

In the flat area you can select the support level by pressing (+) or (-) on the controller.

This way you can move rapidly without exhausting yourself. Above 25 km/h the support of the engine is faded out, you need to drive on your own power now. If the speed drops below 25 km/h the support starts again automatically.

To keep the range of the e-bike high we recommend a support level of 3 in the flat area.

Riding up the hill

When you are approaching a pitch change in time to a lower gear without pressure on the pedal and select a higher support level for the electrical motor by pressing the  (+)  button.

Keep pedalling with low power, the electrical engine will push you up the hill - even a steep hill can be climbed without own power.

Starting up hill: If you stop on the up hill road switch to a low gear before stopping. In case you stopped in a higher gear start riding for some meters down hill, change to a lower gear now and after turning around you can approach the hill.

Riding down hill

Attention: The e-bike is not a racing motorcycle! Even the e-bike is equipped with a stable frame, disk breaks and a suspension fork it is designed for a sedated cycling - do not drive faster than 50 km/h even down hill.

On a steep road down hill start breaking early to keep speed low. Do not apply the breaks permanently, instead break for several seconds, keep rolling some time and then break again for some seconds. 

In case after the incline you are approaching a pitch up hill again remember to switch to a lower gear early without pressure on the pedal.

In the night

To switch on and off the light press the lamp button for about 3 seconds.