Locations of the e-bikes for rent

The locations of the bicycles and e-bikes in Pissouri, Aphrodite Hills and Paphos are shown on this map.

The location in Aphrodite Hills can be reached easily by bus 631 from the Paphos tourist area, information about bus 631 can be found here. The e-asyGo.com location in Paphos is very close to the central bus station Karavella and therefore very well reachable by bus, information about the busses can be found here.

Specification of the e-bikes you can hire

You can rent bicycles as well as the e-bikes / pedelecs shown below:

The pedelec is supporting your pedalling with its powerful electrical motor, which is installed between the pedals. This construction makes sure the power is transmitted via the 7-gear-transmission in any situation in an optimal way. The e-bike is equipped with:

  • middle motor  - only a middle motor is leveraging the transmission and can help you up the steepest hills i.e. in Pissouri, Kouklia, Akamas
  • 250 W power - only a motor up to 250 W is legally considered a bicycle (higher powered e-bikes require a license plate, insurance, helmet)
  • computer managing 5 supporting levels - 1 for a high range ... 5 for maximum support on the steep hill
  • high capacity 14.5Ah / 522 Wh accumulator for a high range up to 50 km in the hills and in the flat area even more
  • 7-gear transmission
  • front and rear hydraulic brakes for well controlling the speed downhill
  • bright LED-spot light for a safe drive in the night
  • gel seat to be seated comfortably
  • safety equipment: bell, rear view mirror
  • bag rack with basket for the small shopping

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